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What Is ‘How Many Days Until’ / ‘Date Difference Calculator’?

Date Difference Calculator, also known as Days Difference calculator is a free online tool use to calculate the difference in between two calendar dates, i.e. Start Date and End Date. Our Date Calculator tells the difference in both ‘Years and Days’ in result of a user selected dates.

How To Use Date Difference Calculator

By default, current date according to your country and geo location is set as Start Date and End Date. You just need to select your required dates (YEAR/MONTH/DAY) by clicking (for Desktop) / taping (for Smartphone users) on dates and, then it will show the date difference in below Year and Days boxes, respectively. If you see a negative sign before date difference it means, the End Date is from past than the Start Date. By this way you may also calculate how many days has since any date. In vice versa, the calculator can be used to calculate how many days until any calendar date or event.

For more specific countdowns to any specific date with other useful details and website embeddable counters, use below search box by entering required dates in following Day Month Year format, example; 14 August 2016.